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Brandfolder for Creative Operations

Streamline your team's creative process

When you have insight into how creative resources are being used and can eliminate repetitive tasks and workflow bottlenecks, your team's creative impact can soar.

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273% ROI

after implementing Brandfolder

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$1.13 million

in quantifiable savings over 3 years

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< 6 months

payback period

See how Brandfolder helps businesses realize cost savings and ROI in this commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.

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Workflow-enhancing Features

  • Organized design icon

    Organized design

    There's not much worse than implementing a new tool only to find your team prefers to avoid it entirely. Thanks to Brandfolder's intuitive organization structure, assets stay organized in the way you prefer, and your team will actually enjoy using it.

  • Fully integrated icon

    Fully integrated

    Brandfolder plays well with the tools that you and your team already use on a daily basis. Streamline workflow, connect to cloud storage, and track events and analytics. 38 integrations and counting, from Adobe to Google to Salesforce to Slack.

  • Advanced logistics: Brand Intelligence icon

    Advanced logistics: Brand Intelligence

    Ever wish you could see who's using your assets and where they're using them? That information could help you discover which creative to promote, modify, or retire. If insights have been on your wishlist, you're going to love Brand Intelligence—our proprietary AI and ML technologies.

  • Intelligent search icon

    Intelligent search

    Put simply, the advanced search capabilities within Brandfolder run laps around FTP servers and cloud-based storage. When you're able to search by any and all metadata like asset status, product-specific auto-tags, saved search queries, file type, transcribed audio, and more, the assets you need surface so quickly that it just might put a smile on your face.

  • Permissions in multiple ways icon

    Permissions in multiple ways

    Giving stakeholders access to the specific creative they need—and nothing more—is hard. But with Brandfolder's multiple levels of user permissions, it's easy. From Admins all the way down to Guests, ensure your brand's assets are modified, viewed, and downloaded by the right people.

  • Time-saving manipulations icon

    Time-saving manipulations

    Creatives typically spend way too much time on rudimentary design tasks that are beyond the capabilities of other stakeholders. But with self-service conversions, custom cropping, templating (side note: designers LOVE the templates), and findability, the assets stakeholders need are in their hands faster—and the design team can focus on other things.

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"Brandfolder removes interruptions because I'm not getting pinged 20 times per day to find different assets. Everyone can do it themselves."

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Maria JonesGraphic Designer,Duo Security
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"Prior to implementing Brandfolder, my team would get inundated with photo and resource requests. Now we just say, it's in Brandfolder."

Dustin Poh headshot
Dustin PohDirector of Brand & Creative,Endeavor
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"Brandfolder has saved our creative team about 10 hours per week with the ability to redirect folks directly to the assets."

Brandon Nalband headshot
Brandon NalbandCreative Operations Manager,Duo Security
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Adobe Photoshop

integrates with that

On a mission to eliminate downloads all together, Brandfolder integrates with (and is accessible from) a number of daily-use software tools.