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About Brandfolder

Founded in 2012, and located in the heart of Downtown Denver, Brandfolder is the premier leader in digital asset management. Built for organizations of all sizes and industries, Brandfolder delivers a visually elegant platform that allows you to easily share, store, track, and manipulate your assets. And with the #1 rated support, Brandfolder is the most cost effective way to build stronger brand engagement.

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We believe strong brands are built by unique creative and powerful platforms.

Organizations like Slack, TripAdvisor, Lyft and HealthONE rely on Brandfolder to deliver consistent, organized, and efficient brand experiences. Isn't it time you understood your brand's potential? Move beyond the basics with Brandfolder's premium solution to help you understand your brand's value.

Brandfolder's core values are reflected in everything we do.

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We believe in delivering support that is approachable and accessible with fast response times.

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User Experience

Every experience is created with ease-of-use in mind. We do this by maintaining a simple, manageable system that is innovative and easy for every user to understand.

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Modular Features

Brandfolder offers the flexibility to customize features tailored to each customer need.

Meet the Leaders

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Steve Baker

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Chief Product Officer

Jim Hanifen

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Head of Human Resources

Jessica Blaine

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Travis Daugherty profile
VP of Customer Experience

Travis Daugherty

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Victoria Dawson profile
Director of Financial Planning

Victoria Dawson

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Adam Figueroa profile
Director of Marketing

Adam Figueroa

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Be part of Brandfolder's team

We're Hiring

Looking to join a fast-paced team in Denver's flourishing tech scene? Brandfolder is hiring! We want people who ask smart questions, challenge the status quo, & make us better. Is that you? Check out our job opening and apply today!